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The Forgotten King

Surveying all with weary malaise

An old king far past his ending days

Standing bent beneath his age

His palace vast become his cage

White hair flew in the breeze

As he walked, creaking knees

His life long spent, now all alone

No family left to take the throne

Outside he walks, to the tower

High he climbed, while wind blew sour

Out he looked across the realm

His weighted crown a heavy helm

A chain of duty, bound to rule

The old king now a lonely fool

All in ruin, his kingdom dead

Nothing left but pain and dread

The old king’s war had bleed them dry

No living soul was left to die

All gone, all dead, but that old king

Not even birds remained to sing

The land a grave, an empty tomb

A deal was struck, and caused their doom

Now trapped by curse, a deadly fate

The old king could do naught but wait

Not dead nor living, but in between

Not quite a ghost, he walks unseen

And until the end of time

Up the tower he must climb

Confront again his deadly deed

What he destroyed through selfish greed

His name forgotten, his kingdom lost

His people paid the dire cost

If you wander through his land

Keep your torch flame close at hand

For the old king lingers in the night

And without a guiding light

You too will vanish, no trace or mark

Just a whisper, lost in the dark

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I love this!!

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